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Shiny New Designer High Heeled Boots Before Abuse

Unintentional Boot Messing

I'm a real estate agent in Atlanta and have a story I'd like to share.  I usually don't mind messing up an old worn out pair of boots on the job, mostly in mud and the like.  However, just before Thanksgiving a couple called out of the blue late in the day and asked if I could show a house.  I was already dressed for a dinner engagement in a knee length black skirt suit, a white silk blouse and my new Gianni Versace leather knee boots.

While showing them around the house I was careful not to dirty my boots walking on the unfinished flooring and construction material.  Then they asked to see the property lines.  It was new construction and the landscaping was not complete. It had rained the night before and the Georgia red clay gets pretty slippery so I avoided going outside.  They were in sneakers and jeans but I was in $700 boots with slender four inch heels. Definitely not what I would normally wear to show a house under construction.

As we walked out towards the the property line I took each step carefully to avoid the loose soil and shallow puddles but considering the top layer of clay had all day...

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shiny and brand new before being abused.

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