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High Heeled Catfights


(Photo-story - 41 photos)

Alexis Kay Lee gets dominated, whipped, stepped on
and forced into the water in her D&G heels
by her photographer, Mistress D.

Getting her shoes stepped on, hair pulled and ass whipped by Mistress D gets Alexis Kay Lee feeling strangely aroused.

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(4 Part Photo-story - 45 photos)

Heatherlyn leads Alexis Kay Lee to the beach in her designer high heels and leather outfit.  Alexis Kay Lee's upset about getting her shoes dirty.  The girls press their bodies together in a wet, leather clad, high heeled catfight.  Heatherlyn shoves Alexis Kay Lee into the water and presses her wet shoe into her most delicate parts.  They completely soak each others leather clothes and shoes.



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