Women with a fetish for messing up their shoes.
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By Tom Scammell

It was a Saturday morning at St Lederstiefel School and Julia, the newly appointed Deputy Head Teacher, was a beautiful sight in her shiny red rubber catsuit, low cut at the front which exposed her shapely neck and an ample cleavage, black rubber Lisa boots and elbow length black rubber gloves.  She was alone in the school and being somewhat bored she had decided to fetch the parcel from her car that had arrived at her house that morning from Sealwear and try on her new purchases for the first time.

Hot with the effort of putting on her outfit, she walked around, enjoying the sensual feeling of the tight and smooth rubber and was soon running her hands over her body and grasping her crotch in her gloved hand, her boots squeaking together as she masturbated herself .  About to undo the zip to pleasure herself even more, she suddenly received a stinging crack across her taut buttocks.  She screamed in pain and shock and turned round to a  terrifying sight.  Behind her was the gym instructor, Diane Hardwicke, dressed  in  thigh boots, hotpants and  biker jacket, all in black leather.



"Well, Miss Lovell, this is most unexpected,"  Diane gloated sliding the whip into the top of her boot.  She strode forward and pushed Julia back against the wall and slapped her hard across the face.  "Now you're going to get what's coming to you", she hissed aggressively, at last having the chance to vent her anger at having been passed over for the promotion to Deputy Head, that she considered was rightfully hers. She went to grab Julia, who reacted quickly enough to push past her assailant and run down the corridor to the main doors out of the school, which she now found were locked.  Hearing the approaching echo of  high heeled boots,  she fled into the gymnasium changing room.  Getting to her hands and knees, she squeezed herself into one of the metal lockers and froze as Diane came into the room.  Any sound made by her rubber clothing would surely give away her hiding place.   Terror gripped Julia as she heard a heavy piece of furniture being dragged across the floor and wedged against the locker. Diane left the room with cruel laughter and sneered "see you next term, you stupid little fool".

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