Women with a fetish for messing up their shoes.
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The Shoe Salesman Gets His!

        It was late evening at a small ladies shoe store in the city.  Bob the
salesman was in the place alone.  No one else was in sight.   It was about
15 minutes to close.  Bob is a somewhat shy guy and has an intense foot and
shoe fetish, but especially a boot fetish.  The store carries many sexy
shoes and boots and that is why he took the job.  Bob is straightening up
the sexy boot section when he hears the bell at the door.
Alexa a stunning tall blond has entered the store.  She is dressed in
black leather pants and jacket and has on an extremely dirty and worn pair
of black riding boots.  Bob comes around the corner and spying Alexa and
does a double take.  "How may I help you?"  Alexa can sense that Bob is a
wimp and in a very arrogant manner "Says I need a new pair of boots exactly
like these!".  Bob stammers and says "This way ma'am, please"
Alexa follows Bob to the boot section and thinks to herself. I think I'll
really work this wimp over.  They reach the boot section and Bob asks her
to sit down while he gets the new boots.   Alex says "Wimp, go lock the
door first, I do not want to be disturbed."  Bob is stunned by her dominant
attitude but says "Yes ma'am".  Call me Mistress Alex she snaps.   " Yes
Mistress Alexa"
Wimp goes to the door and locks it.  He returns to the Mistress.   "On
your knees in front of me Wimp".   Bob kneels and looks down at the worn
and extremely muddy boots.
Mistress Alexa says I want you to kiss each one of my boots now".   Bob
looks down again at the messy boots and hesitates.  Mistress is angry
because he has not kissed her boots.  She kicks out at bob catching him on
the chest leaving a huge muddy, stain on his fresh white shirt.
Caught off guard Bob falls over on his back and quick as a cat Mistress is
standing over him.  She wipes the bottom of her right boot all over his
white shirt.  She then steps up on his chest with her right boot and
standing on his chest she began wiping her left sole all over Bobs face.  
She grinds the sole unmercifully all over his face leaving a muddy 
mess on his face.  He began to kiss and lick the sole of her boot while
begging for mercy.  Finally her anger subsides and she steps off the badly
shaken wimp.  She gives him a swift kick in the ribs and sits back down.
Mistress orders Wimp, "now I want you to clean up these filthy boots and be
quick about it, then we will get down to trying on the new boots."  Quickly
Wimp gets to his feet and holding each boot up carefully and lovingly licks
the dirt and grime from the entire boot including the soles.  Will long wet
strokes he removes all the wet and dry mud from the boots.
Mistress says "Make sure and swallow all of that disgusting filth.   Bob
does as Mistress orders.  "Thank you Mistress Alexa."  Finally the boots
are as shiny as new.
Mistress orders Bob to remove each of the boots.  As he removes each of
the warm boots Mistress says to Bob.  Put your silly face in the opening
and smell my boots.  Bob places the opening of each boot over his face and
inhales deeply.  The heady smell of leather and Mistress's foot hits his
nostrils.   Bob is in heaven.
Mistress orders Bob to get the new boots and place them on her feet.  Bob
gets the boots and Mistress orders him to place each one on her feet after
he kisses her toes.  Bob does as he is told and after kissing each toe he
places the new boots on her feet.   Mistress orders Bob to wrap up her old
boots and says that she will wear the new ones.  Bob does so an escorts her
to the front of the store thinking she will pay for them.
Mistress looks at Bob and says to him "Because you did not serve me as
well as you should you will pay for my boots, you have no choice."  Bob
knows that he has no choice.  "Come to the door and let me out" says
Mistress Alex.  Bob goes to the door and unlocks it.  Mistress barks "Lay
down in the door way, I want a rug to exit the store"   Bob lays down with
his head out the door and as the people on the street watch the spectacle.
Mistress mounts his prone body at his feet and walks the length of his body
very heavily.  She pauses at his face and grinds one of her soles into his
slavish face.  Bob hears the people passing by laughing at him.  He is
humiliated beyond belief.   Mistress finally gets down from his body and
disappears into the darkness down the street leaving Bob laying in the
street.  Bob the wimp shoe salesman as gotten his.