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A Flat Tire And Wet Sandals On A Rainy Day

About three months ago, we went through a period of bad weather, heavy rain and high winds. One evening during this spell, I was nearing home on my journey from work when I saw a car broken down at the side of road. I pulled in behind to see if I could help.

I pulled my coat on, ventured into the pouring rain and walked to the other car. By the time I reached the drivers door, I was walking in about 3 inches of water. I tapped on the window and a very attractive and worried young lady wound down the window and told me she had a puncture. She had no breakdown cover, no phone and had no idea what to do. I told her that I would be willing to give the tire change a go even though it was not something I did on a regular basis.

This seemed to cheer her up and she opened her door to get out of the car. As she lifted her leg up, I noticed she was wearing black stockings and black strappy low heeled sandals. Before she could move any further, I insisted that
she stay in the car because not only was it pouring with rain, but she was parked in a large puddle. All the time I was hoping that she would get out anyway and to my relief she did. I watched as she placed her right foot into the water. I could see her toes through the puddle. I asked if she had a coat and she lent back in to grab it. As she did so, her foot lifted out of the water. Her toes dripped and shone with the water and a line of shininess existed around her foot where the level of the water had been. Then she lent back and placed both feet into the puddle. I smiled at her and joked about how pleasant standing in a puddle was. She looked down at her feet, wiggled her toes and laughed.

Next thing I know, I was down on my knees in the water changing the wheel. I kept glancing at her feet hoping that it was not too obvious. I could still see her wet stocking toes through the water. The rest of her feet and legs were now also shiny with water from the driving rain and her black sandals glistened. I suggested that she move out of the water and get back into the car before she caught a cold and for a moment she moved out of the water so that I had


an even better view of her cold, wet feet. However, she commented that it was unfair that she stand back when I was kneeling in the water and she walked back in. I so much wanted to touch those toes I was going mad. I wanted to feel there shininess and wetness but knew that such a move would not be a good idea.

Several minutes later I got what I had wanted albeit a very brief encounter. I moved my hand to relieve the pressure on my knees and wiped it across the top of her toes. I apologized but she was not bothered. Not surprisingly, this did not mean anything to her, though even the slightest touch that I had was incredible.

I was now reluctant to admit that I had finished changing the tire and got up. We walked around to the back of the car to return the jack to the trunk. I sighed and managed to muster a comment about her "summery footwear". Once again she looked down and wiggled those wet toes. The water at the rear of the car was not so deep and the tops of her toes came above the surface. Once again she laughed, lifted her foot out, shook it around a bit jokingly and then returned it to the water. I just wanted to stand there all day and stare at those wet stocking toes and sandals but unfortunately, short of puncturing another of her tires, that was it.

She was more than grateful as she got back into her car. I caught one last glimpse of those feet as they swung out of the water and back towards the pedals. I was hoping that I would be able to see them pumping the gas but it was too dark and the steering wheel was in the way once she had shut the door. Once again, she kept thanking me before eventually pulling out and driving off.

I imagined those toes pumping the gas as she drove down the road, droplets of water squeezing out from her stockings and from between her toes each time she pressed her foot on the pedal.

Anyway, you never know, maybe she might read this and recognize it. If so, she might like to know that I caught a horrendous cold due to kneeling in that water but that it was worth the red nose and every sniffle and sneeze!