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Sexy Designer Shoes Before Abuse
Almost all shoes and boots are modeled shiny and brand new before being abused.


Red hot Manolo Blahnik pumps
shiny and new  and just a little
water to cool them down.

16 Photos

Sling Back Pumps by Christian Dior

6 Photos

And Shiny Thigh High Boots Too

11 Photos

Shiny New Sergio Rossi Pumps

14 Photos


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Muddy Business Woman
continued from the wet and messy shoes and boots page

While she had been plodding along thinking and mumbling to herself, she had somehow walked down a closed street under construction.  She had been walking through a muddy construction area for the past few minutes.  That would explain all the pebbles.  She looked down and realized the moisture wasn't just splashing from puddles.  She wasn't going to simply wipe these heels dry.  Her shoes and stockings were splashed all over and covered with clay. In fact, she couldn't even see her right shoe.  That last step that brought her out of her daze had landed her shoe and foot deep into the mud.

Melanie took in her surroundings and found she had walked about thirty feet out into  this grey soup. She looked back and saw that the mud was so wet that it had filled her footprints in.

Embarrassed, she looked around to see if she had been seen by anyone. Nobody in sight.  Now she just had to walk out of this, return to her car and change her nylons and heels. No problem.

She instinctively stepped towards the nearest pavement, which happened to be ahead of her.  One step, no problem. Just a gentle 'slurp' and she saw her left foot emerge. Yep, these heels are toast. Too bad.  They were a nice color. Oh well.  Maybe I can sell them on Ebay.

Suddenly off balance, she felt moisture up to her right calf.. Damn!  She immediately stepped forward to regain her balance.  Her left foot descended neatly into a new indentation in the clay and she raised her right knee.

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