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Well Worn Shoes, Scuffed Shoes, Broken High Heels

shoesAlexis Kay Lee gives details of a night out dancing in an elegant pair of boots.  Suddenly a heel breaks and ruins her night.  She hobbles home on one heel and takes her revenge on those boots. 15 photos

Muddy Business Woman
continued from the shiny new shoes page

She leaned forward and the clay claimed her left leg just above the knee. She pulled her right leg up and the mud sucked her shoe right off.  She plunged her bare foot deep into the mud.  She was somewhat relieved to see her once shiny high heeled shoe lying on the surface covered with mud rather than sunken deep down the hole she pulled her foot out of had already filled in.  She reached over and picked up her mud covered shoe. Just as she started wiping some of the mud off with her hands the ground seemed to collapse under her.

She felt the clay rocket up her left side and glance her breast, all the while swallowing her  left leg and arm. Melanie was left laying sideways, her hair and part of her face splashed with  muck and her hands had shot into this mess. She also noticed her miniskirt had fanned out.  She managed to slip her shoe back onto her mud caked foot.  She felt the mud compress around her toes and some squeezed out of her shoe as she forced it on.

Mel was not amused. Here was a young woman, just out of university, wearing a twenty fifteen hundred dollar suit up to her waist in mud.  Six hundred dollar Italian designer pumps filled with mud.

She realized she no longer was stuck. Melanie could move around all she wanted, but she had nothing to grip or put her weight on so every movement caused her to slide around and sink a little deeper. Her arms became covered in mud and her hair matted as she floundered around trying anything to claw her way out of this.

She couldn't be found like this.  If she was featured on the evening news stuck like a pig in mud she would be ruined. She had to get out of this slop. She lunged forward with everything she had.

Now the mud was up to her breasts. Legs spread and not helping out, arms in front and mud dripping down her sides and face. The one good thing is that had she been seen she probably wouldn't be recognized anyway. Then the clay wanted more.


As she paused to catch her breath, the grey wetness crept up over her breasts.  Then it hit her.  She liked something about this. She was tingling and subconsciously rubbing certain parts of her anatomy against the clay. She started thinking about things again.

University grad found frolicking in mud pit. That would make an interesting headline. Mel started to collect herself and looked to make sure there was no audience. She didn't see anyone. If she had, she probably would have plunged under to avoid being seen. Her feet for some reason were sinking deeper.

She felt no bottom to this stuff, no matter how far  she poked with her foot then arching, struggling to keep her shoes on. Her arms were floating now, as the mud had almost taken her shoulders. After some time she found that she wasn't sinking any more. She could feel the clay churn between her legs. Melanie had never felt such softness in her life, least of all there.  She let the mud have her. She concentrated on how the clay felt.  She immersed her body and her thoughts.

She didn't realize that anybody had seen her until the rope landed beside her.  She never noticed the two faces on the side of the clay pit. One was an investor from her meeting. The other was a tabloid photographer.  As they dragged her out of the pit and across the more solid mud surface, she looked back and was somewhat relieved to see both shoes still on her feet.  She knew her shoes would be totally ruined, as she felt the pointed toes as well as the front of her suit scrape the jagged ground as the men continued to drag her back to safety.  At least she wouldn't have to walk back to her car barefoot.

Melanie was also relieved to see the investor rip the film from the photographer's camera. Apparently Mel had caught his eye at the meeting and he had been watching her ever since.

As he accompanied her on her long walk back to her car, mud filled shoes squelching, muddy water being squeezed out of every seam with every step, thoughts started to fill her mind again.  Why didn't he stop me?  And wasn't that him standing in front of the construction sign?

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