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A Muddy Pumps Adventure From Chrissy
A Flat Tire And Wet Sandals On A Rainy Day

Muddy Boot Lesbian Domination
Muddy Boot Mistress And The Shoe Salesman

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shoes 1/25/2003 (Photo Story - 68 photos)

Recent trip to rainy snowy NYC takes her new Gucci half boots through the wet slush of the inner city as well as a flooded muddy shopping center in the suburbs.

As if that wasn't enough to ruin an expensive new pair of boots, she runs into her old friend Didi from video # 3 who loves to abuse Kitty and whatever shoes she happens to be wearing.

shoes shoes


P1014954.JPG (307753 bytes) 8/31/2003 (Photo-story - 41 photos)

Sexy woman gets dominated, whipped, stepped on by her photographer Mistress D.  Then she's forced into the water in her Dolce & Gabbana heels.  To top it off, she's carelessly splashed water onto Mistress D's pumps while being forced into the pool and is commanded to lick them clean.

Getting her shoes stepped on, hair pulled and ass
whipped by D gets her feeling strangely aroused.


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